Bus station on the market as part of waterfront revamp

Gosport Borough Council has put the bus station on the market as part of the redevelopment of the waterfront area. The site is next to the Ferry terminal and is a key part of the transport interchange, with a commanding view of the Harbour. Proposals have been invited for commercial redevelopment including cafes, shops and restaurants to provide a welcoming gateway to Gosport, visible from Portsmouth and Gunwharf Quays.

The redevelopment is a key element of the Economic Plan for the Waterfront and the High Street, devised by the Coastal Community Team; Gosport residents, businesses and community groups contributed to the planning.

The adjoining Falklands Gardens will also be revamped, but will retain their essential character as a green space and a memorial environment. Residents have commented that development needs to be appropriate to the location, and enhance the view of the Harbour from the High Street, rather than cutting it off.