Dee Caffari in dramatic race start

Dee Caffari made a dramatic start to the Volvo Ocean Race leaving Alicante. With a number of large spectator craft too close to the competing yachts, she had to thread her way through them breathing a sigh of relief as they cleared the bay.

Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18: Episode 2

Patron of both GAFIRS and St Mary’s Junior Sailing Club, Dee is skippering Turn the Tide on Plastic: as the only female skipper leading a mixed gender, youth-focused team, she has a strong sustainability message. “We are a team that wants to make a difference,” says Dee. “I believe we have created a campaign that will allow people to connect on a personal level to this project. Whether it is sustainability, gender equality or diversity and inclusion, our aim is to use the platform of this race to connect with people. Our message is a strong one.”

The leading yachts are starting the second leg to Cape Town on Saturday 5th November.