Portsmouth Harbour Marine undertakes skills survey

We are calling on marine businesses to take part in a skills survey. Those working within the marine sector in the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth Harbour area are invited to complete the survey via https://www.research.net/r/PHM_skills_survey.

“We decided to run this survey,” says Mark Bowden chief executive of PHM, “because businesses are telling us they can’t always recruit the people that they need. We can help with this, if we look at developing a long-term strategy. In order to do that, we need to understand what skills are lacking and look at ways of bringing education providers together with businesses to make sure that our young people are being inspired to go into marine trades, and that they are being taught the skills that they need to progress.

“Portsmouth Harbour is known as the centre of UK engineering excellence with marine design and composite manufacturing in quick pursuit. Once we conduct our survey, we will have evidence to work towards making sure those companies, and others, have a clear track for staff development.

“That said, it’s not only about young people. It’s about attracting those already invested into their marine careers to the area. Portsmouth Harbour Marine will be looking at supporting this activity, encouraging individuals and companies to make their home alongside the likes of HMS Victory, the UK centre of yacht racing and the current ‘rock star’ teams of UK racing, like Alex Thomson Racing and Team Ineos UK.”

The survey can be taken online via https://www.research.net/r/PHM_skills_survey. It takes less than ten minutes to complete. Mark Bowden is really keen that as many marine companies as possible in the Portsmouth Harbour complete the survey to give a solid statistical grounding to the results.