Yacht Racing Forum publishes draft programme for consultation

The Yacht Racing Forum 2020, to take place in Portsmouth this November “will give the opportunity to address the key issues of the moment, and discuss how to get our sport back on track after a lost season and a complete disruption of the supply chain,” say the organisers.

“Legal, finance and insurance experts will help us understand how sailing events can be protected against cancellations for unforeseen reasons. The industry’s leading personalities will share their recipes with us and advise us on the best way to bounce back. Some of the best experts in marketing, sponsorship and communication will advise us on how best to come out stronger and united in 2021,” says a statement accompanying the release of the draft programme which includes sessions in innovations in composite materials, lessons learned from marine accidents, eco-boats and how technologies influence performance and design.

“The world has changed dramatically since the last Yacht Racing Forum in Bilbao. We are heading into a blank year, with no sailing events, the greatest circuits cancelled, our source of profit dried up. The competitive sailing industry, like the entire world, is caught in a storm that will not spare the weakest,” says the statement.

“As soon as the situation stabilises, it will be high time for us to get together, to discuss the foundations of our sport and its future. Can we turn this unusual situation into an opportunity? Let’s hope so.”

Views on the draft programme are actively encouraged. The Yacht Racing Forum is due to take place on November 23-24, with sponsorship opportunities available by contacting [email protected].